Why would you need a Server?

The majority of small businesses function without the need for a Server, but at some point it may be something you will need to consider.

Should your business grow beyond 5 members of staff or you find your staff hot-desking or sharing work via USB drives and CD’s, then you need a Server.

As a business owner you may be asking yourself some very common questions such as:

fujiOver the years more affordable server hardware has become available and more compact. Many business owners assume they will need huge cabinets or racks for their Server, this is no longer the case. Depending on your requirements, a Server will easily fit under a desk or in the corner of an office and is similar in size to a standard tower PC, and they no longer cost thousands of pounds to implement

What is a Server?

The aim of a Server is to help you centralize your data and to share that data with the relevant staff in your workplace. Additionally, you can also share and manage printers and scanners, Internet and Email functions such as Calendar sharing, Appointment Scheduling, Task management and remote access to emails over the Internet or by using a mobile device such as a laptop or smart phone. Coupled with centralized backup, a well designed and implemented Server/Network installation can help you streamline your business processes allowing your staff to work more efficiently and easily.

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