Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services

In today’s modern environment it is generally recognized that the majority of businesses will or should have a Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan in place, in order to protect the well being of a business. Amber IT is able to provide tailored solutions in order to protect your business data and to improve business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Facts:

Our solutions include various forms of backup including Tape Backup, Offline File Storage, Online File Storage and CDP (Continuous Data Protection) appliances.

Best Practice Backup Devices


The most efficient form of backup when planning for a potential disaster are CDP appliances, which are able to provide a more reliable backup service in place of tapes and hard disk storage.

CDP delivers automatic, transparent backup that ensures data, applications and systems are reliably protected from common user error, hardware failure, deletion, potential disaster

and malicious attack. Integrated scheduling offers administrator controls to perform backups continuously in real time or automatically on a routine basis for both files and database data set. CDP integrated scheduling performs daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly backup at a specific desired time for optimize backup operation and network resource utilization.

CDP appliances are able to backup a minimum of 2TB of data in real time, providing instant backup as data is written. Data can also be replicated to an off-site storage location in real time or at scheduled intervals, reducing the risk of data loss.

With CDP, all files are instantly continually available in multiple historic versions, and all servers and server applications—including, Exchange, SQL Server and Active Directory—are protected with multiple-point-in-time recovery in case of disaster. CDP version catalogs minimize downtime by enabling easy, instant, pick-and-click data recovery of files.

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